RawDietLine Organic Chicken Eggyolk

RawDietLine Organic Chicken Eggyolk

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Source of omega, very tasty, for beautiful hair.

Protect your pet’s liver and pancreas! Chicken’s egg yolk is a rich source of Omega acids and lecithin. It is a tasty and natural food supplement, which enriches the dog and cat diet. The product has been Organic Food Certified!

The yolk is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Phospholipids contained in the yolk in large amounts, have a health-promoting effect on the liver and pancreas. Yolks’ tincture protects eyes from UVA and macular and retinal degeneration. Chicken’s eggyolk is a tasty complement to the daily diet of dogs and cats, it is beneficial for healthy skin, coat and overall health of the animal. 

The product is organically certified!

The biological value of protein which comes from a yolk is determined at 100. This means that the content and proportions of essential amino acids are 100% compatible with the needs of dog’s and cat’s bodies.

Use: improving the quality of coat and skin, strengthening the overall physical fitness, muscle improvement, increasing the diet’s palatability, liver prophylactic and eye protection.


The eggyolk, in its purest form, has been pre-heat treated appropriately for an optimal preserve of well-absorbable natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in large quantities. The specialized drying method allows the highest quality of products to be obtained.


Only an adequate, specialized drying method allows products of the highest quality to be obtained. Improper drying parameters ( high temperature) causes the degradation of amino acids and vitamins, which reduces its nutritional value. We always treat only fresh components.


Cats and small dogs (<10 kg BW)  
20g / week (in divided doses)
Dogs 10-20kg BW 40g / week (in divided doses)
Dogs 20kg BW 80g / week (in divided doses)

The enclosed scoop contains 2g of product.

Application: serve mixed with food